Effective July 31, 2014, Bethlehem Christian Academy will suspend operations. This decision was difficult not only for Bethlehem but it is hard for each of you. For eight years many of us have poured in our time, our money, our very hopes and dreams into this effort to help our children secure a better future by building a better foundation. This is still our desire. However, low enrollment, the prevalence of Charter Schools, the residue of the Great Recession and other factors have all combined to make in it all of our best interests to suspend operations.

Again we are aware of the inconvenience this will cause our parents and we apologize for that. Bethlehem could have forged ahead with the enrollment we had, but in reality we could not have been able to provide your child with an excellent level of educational and spiritual development we stand for at BCA. Our belief has always been if we cannot do it in a spirit of excellence, we would not purposely half do anything.

Bethlehem is thankful to every teacher and staff member who gave of themselves in order to bless our children. We also are doing all we can to insure that every teacher and staff member affected by this change will be able to transition to a productive and bright future and I ask your prayers for them and their families.

Bethlehem delayed as long as possible in making this decision as we historically know that many parents register towards the latter end of summer, so we were hoping for a jump in registration that would not make it necessary to suspend the program. However the increase did not happen in time, therefore we had to inform you the parents as soon as possible. On a personal note I want to say to you that you have some wonderful children and I will miss their warm hugs, bright smiles, and shining potential. Parents, grandparents, Bethlehem church family and community we do thank you for your support as we press the "pause" button. The future is in God's hands we are trusting Him for our next steps.

Dr. Phillip M. Baldwin